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We bring them to the blockchain:
NFTs | Web3 Mechanics | Recruit-to-Earn UA

Cadena handles every mind-boggling complexity required to create new worlds built on digital ownership and NFTs. We'll help you build blockchain mechanized games, and enable players & publishers to recruit and compensate users transparently and with no intermediaries..

Turnkey Solutions with Smart Contracts, Tech, Security + Compliance, Delivery, and yes... NFT Drops

Web 3.0 Game Platform

Our All-Star engineering crew has dug deep so you don't have to. Building blockchain games is awesomely difficult, but you don't have to worry about going it alone any longer. The crossover of the Gaming and DeFi worlds is forming - become a part of it.

User Acquisition in the Machine Intelligence Era

We're breaking the grip of digital advertising intermediaries by empowering players to regain control of their data and be paid for sharing it and by enabling a brand new way for entertainment companies to reach new high-value LTV audiences.

Gaming CFO as a Service

Leave your competition in the stone age via our cutting-edge, A.I.-powered Financial Forecasting and Prediction Engine. Never find your game cornered again.

tap brand new revenue streams

End-to-end NFT & Web3 Games

Launching an NFT feature in game can feel like setting sail in a hole-riddled boat. Don't go it alone.

We've built Blockchain services providing all the tools you need: Tokenomics, Buying, Selling, Auctions, Wallets, Account Services and more.

You can rest easy knowing your game is covered by our fully compliant and audited Platform, and backed by our blockchain insurance guarantee.

execution advantage in the post idfa era

Performance Marketing that Performs

As digital media giants lose their grip on their preferential standing in the advertising ecosystem, a vast sea of opportunity awaits you.

Our Install Radar uses over 30+ data elements, and years of user profile data to spot high LTV potential users and capture them for you.

We've built a Reinforcement Learning User Acquisition system that allocates, acquires, scores, and learns on your behalf and gets smarter with every marketing dollar deployed.

Did we mention it's blockchain enabled? The game has changed.

Make Your CFO Cry... happy tears

Predict Your Game's Financial Future

With Prediction+, transform your financial planning sessions from theater, to true, real-time understanding of your game's health and vitality.

React to market conditions with agility, pounce on opportunities that you saw coming early, and deploy your marketing dollars efficiently and relentlessly month after month.

We've built an engine that helps you game plan up to 18 months into the future, with astonishing levels of confidence.

The metaverse ain't fun without friends

Platform Partner Guild

Let's face it, a digital universe without friends sounds lame, that's why we want to partner with any app interested in building the next generation of entertainment.

Join our Platform, and your game is automatically entitled to join our Platform Partner Guild ecosystem, as preferred partners, to grow as we grow.

Benefits Coming Soon.

Let's build together.


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